I know it's easy to imagine, but it's easier to just do. See, if you can't do what you imagine then what is imagination to you?
It’s official

I have finally made my decision to be a part of the Virginia Tech Class of 2016. It’s crazy. I remember walking to Cheeburger four years ago and thinking, “Man I wish I was a senior, and I had that car.” It feels like time just flew by. I’ve finally settled at my school, but in less than two months, it will all be over. I have attained trustworthy friends that let me be myself and don’t have a care in the world. Senior year has this weird effect on all of us, but it’s a good thing. It makes us realize there is no need to impress everyone we meet or try to be friends with a lot of people. It shows us who our real friends are, which can be pretty tough. I love it. Everything about this year is great. I’m not ready to move on, but it has got to happen. I am pretty excited for Tech though. I mean how can I not be with all the great people that go there. I just know I’ll be excited to come home on break to see my family and friends. I’m not even going to the real world yet, which makes me even terrified of leaving college. I guess I just have to go with the flow and see what happens.

I just want to find that one person that I can fully open up to. Is that too much to ask for?


Hate is a strong word. It is frequently used in situations that it shouldn’t be used in; however, without a doubt, I hate when people do not care, fight for, or maintain friendships. I hate that people believe friendships are replaceable. Friends are an escape from reality. They are the listeners in life. People may say, “Well anyone can listen to me, so anyone can be my friend.” But what they don’t realize the responses they need to get past something can only come from a few people. I just think its disgusting that society shows us people can be used because they are replaceable.


It’s sad. It’s sad to know that it’s human nature to always think of ourselves. Its human nature to think about our own problems. But it’s comforting to know that all there are people out there that try their hardest to fight human nature. It is also very comforting to know there are good people out there. We always here about the bad people in the news. Good actions are never publicized, which is quite disappointing. Also, to those kids who think, “Fuck this Kony 2012 shit. It’s just another trend” you people suck. Yeah it may be another trend, but it’s a damn good one. Of all those people who watched maybe only a few will do something, but hey that’s still adding more people to the cause. Also, for those short 30 minutes we were shown that there are far worse problems than the ones we have. This 30 minute video just enlightened the entire world on what is going on in Uganda. I can honestly say I had absolutely no who Kony was 30 minutes ago, and now I hate the man. After seeing all those children, I just broke down. Daycare man…it does things to you. But seriously April 20th I will hang up posters, and that my friend is a pinky promise.